Reclaiming our humanity and humor. Welcome here.


Welcome, September, and we implore everyone to be kind because we can all use a break. Colorado joins the nation in struggling with health and economic challenges of the COVID pandemic, the heightened emotions and outrage surrounding institutional racism, and in our backyard, multiple wildfires threaten lives, homes and wildlife. We fear what the future may bring, and worse yet, we’ve begun to fear each other. So please, September, we need fresh opportunities that a new month and new season can bring.

Bring back to the forefront our humanity and our good will toward one another. With a lot of noise to rise above and a lot of mending and healing to do, we at PBS12 hold on to the faith we have in the people of this community. Coloradans still possess the frontier spirit and tenacity that shapes those born in this state and those who now call it home. We are fiercely independent and difficult to define, and I think we like that about ourselves. After all, we are the same lot that built the highest vehicle tunnel in the world so that more people could easily get to the mountains, yet we remain the only state to have turned down the Olympics in order to keep people out!

We miss our in-person gatherings, key rites of passage and our celebrations, which only gives more head space for dwelling in bad news. But with a new month and a new fall season ahead of us, we at PBS12 believe that it is time to reclaim positive experiences that life has to offer. We are rediscovering the value of shared laughter and a shared sense of wonder and exploration. To help bring these feelings to our Colorado neighbors, PBS12 offers Colorado the following, all new to our schedule in September:

  • Carol Burnett show – Carol’s Favorites! – This timeless series continues to make us laugh with the renowned cast’s ability to play off each other with non-bombastic humor. Wednesdays at 7pm, beginning September 2.
  • The Highpointers with the Bargo Brothers – Join in the thrill of climbing the highest peak in each of this country’s 50 states in this new series airing Tuesdays at 8pm. See Colorado and other high points as you’ve not seen them before.
  • Desert Utopia: Mid-Century Architecture in Palm Springs – This fascinating program traces the history of modern architecture in Palm Springs from the first bold forays into modernist design to the preservation challenges facing the region today. Airs Wednesday, September 2 at 8pm. Also, don't miss three more shows about modern architecture and design on Wednesdays at 8pm throughout September.

We offer these programs as a respite from our current difficulties and to help remind ourselves of what makes us human and what brings us back together – among those things is shared laughter and a common desire to know more about our world and how to engage in its splendor. Maybe laughing and exploring with each other, at least virtually, will help us work better, together. September can bring great promise, if we let it. We hope you and yours will continue to stay well as we journey onward.


Kim Johnson
President & General Manager

P.S. For all of you who love politics and want to engage with the Colorado issues and candidates, don’t miss Colorado Decides – PBS12’s trusted, non-commercial election coverage airing Fridays at 7pm, beginning September 11. And remember, we don’t accept political advertising so it’s a safe space for civic engagement.