Choosing words carefully. Welcome here.


Welcome to February – we embrace you by standing for love and for hope!

The second half of January created a sea change in us all, as we rediscovered the power of words to do good. The impactful oration by the enormously-talented Amanda Gorman during the inauguration ceremony, and the statements made by our newly-elected president and vice president underscore that our power lies in the words we share with one another, not in any political affiliation. We choose our words with good intentions, hoping to lift up and inspire our fellow man, and hoping to illustrate our love and respect for each another. Words can assault – but they can also heal.

Your words matter to us
because you help make us better stewards of public television in Colorado. At PBS12, we continually evaluate how we can best support our community through thoughtful development and curation of programming. You help us accomplish this through your feedback and through your engagement during our live programs.

Together with you and with our civic leaders, we work toward a more perfect community for the people, wildlife and nature that exist within our state. We address our flaws and our challenges rather than simply accept them, and so the concerns and ideas you have directly influence our program choices. From your concerns and interests, we have a very strong programming lineup for February, please check our schedule at for the daily line-up, but here are a few evenings that I’d like to spotlight:

  • February 10th at 8pm: Community First: A Home for the Homeless
    As the Denver Front Range and rural cities alike witness the growth in our homeless population, tune in to this documentary for a unique and innovative new model for transforming the lives of homeless people through the power of community.
  • February 10th at 9pm: Waging Change
    The injustice of unfair unemployment practices and its insidious impact on generation after generation is deftly addressed in this film about how our economy really works. This is a must-see program for those who want a deeper understanding of one of the roadblocks to economic equality and hope to make impactful change.
  • February 24 at 8pm: Heard
    We must love our fellow adults and our young people enough to stop the violence, gangs and drugs in America’s public housing projects. This documentary shares the compelling stories of four people who grew up in “the projects.” They are now thriving in spite of, and because of, the challenges they’ve had to overcome. Let’s learn from them.
  • February 24 at 9:30pm: The Civic Life of Nathaniel Colley
    Nathaniel Colley, Sacramento’s first private-practicing African American attorney, spent 50 years shaping the course of American history. His passion for education and civil rights brought Colley together with John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Rosa Parks, Edmund “Pat” Brown, Joseph Biden and Bill Clinton. Let’s hear his words on justice and equality.

I have been energized by the positivity that the end of January brought to us and I hope that we can stay in this light throughout the month of February and beyond. As always, words do matter.


Kim Johnson
President & General Manager