Uniting. Welcome here.


Welcome, November, and after navigating through this year of COVID, we are better prepared for the uncertainty that this election year brings – and its aftermath – than we might have been otherwise. Although it can feel that the division between parties, candidates (and thus, individuals), is at an all-time high, history tells us that we’ve been in this spot before. It’s just that previous generations didn’t have the vast array of communication channels we have today from which to attack and vilify each other.

Colorado has seen a notable increase in the number of voters this year, and that’s something to be very proud of. The question on the minds of many is, will our behavior in the election’s aftermath also engender pride? In conversations with my friends and colleagues, uncertainty about whether or not we have evolved to a higher level of resilience and coping skills that uniting this country will require. I certainly hope that rumors of people arming themselves in order to attack, threaten or intimidate those who think or vote differently is actually just the stuff of scary Halloween tales.

Listen, we’ve made it this far… we’ve got about 8 months of a serious pandemic experience under our belts during which we’ve revised business plans, remodeled schooling and changed our social behaviors. Add to that, we have seen heroism at its best as our firefighters, safety and charitable organizations have fought historic fires and have helped those most affected.

This year, as we sit down to our much smaller, socially-distanced Thanksgiving dinners, I hope we can unite around our collective desire for building better tomorrows, because we have real work to do. Divided, we have little hope in achieving social justice and all the other aspirations we hold dear. Building from what we have in common would be so much more rewarding, starting with civil conversations around our toughest challenges.

At PBS12, we have the honor of watching the younger generations lead the way through our high school debate series, Both Sides of the Story. Colorado’s articulate teenagers deliver intelligent and compelling arguments on both sides of some pretty daunting issues, all without name-calling and threats. I love it.

November is no different than every other month at PBS12; together with you, we discover and celebrate what makes us unique and what unites us. As our weather turns chilly, here are some other programming highlights that we have for you this month:

Thank you, to all our members and viewers! You inspire us to be our best, particularly as we rise to meet our challenges. We are Colorado. We are united as Americans… all of us.

With gratitude for you,

Kim Johnson
President & General Manager