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Welcome, May, and Welcome Asian American and Pacific Islander Month! Normally, we do not spotlight our programming that aligns with the “celebration” months because PBS12 has always been inclusive every month of the year. However, in the past year of COVID, when we should have been helping each other to survive and to thrive, the violence perpetrated against Asian Americans (many of them elderly) cannot go by unnoted. Those who could seriously think that our Asian American neighbors caused the COVID virus have fallen victim to neanderthal thinking, although that may not be fair to Neanderthals.

Hate crimes and other acts of intolerance continue to occur because too few people in positions of influence were willing to denounce hatred. But we can take it on. Together with all of you, we ARE public media and we are not willing to let hateful actions define who we are as a community. Our long-time viewers may recall that we used to say that we welcome all voices; we do not say that anymore because voices of hate are NEVER welcome at PBS12, nor is intolerance of our neighbors, most of whom enrich our own life experiences with their culture and perspectives that freshen and enlighten our own.

It’s time, once again, to listen to one another’s stories and to discover our shared humanity; here are some highlights we proudly bring for the month of May:

  • Thursday, May 6 at 9:30pm: Mr. Tanimoto’s Journey
    After Pearl Harbor, over 120,000 American citizens of Japanese descent were wrongfully held in internment camps across the country. Jim Tanimoto is the last living member of a group known as Block 42, who bravely protested the loss of their constitutional rights. This is a sobering reminder of how fear of other societies can cause us to abandon our own values.
  • Sunday, May 9 at 8:30pm: Stories in Thread
    Hmong Pa Dau, or story cloths, are handmade textiles that illustrate what it means to be Hmong. They fought alongside American Soldiers in Vietnam, yet when the war ended, the Hmong were abandoned by our government to suffer genocide. Their fear of cultural loss is expressed in these Hmong Pa Dau, as are their hopes for perseverance and tolerance.
  • Sunday, May 23 at 8pm: Finding the Virgo
    Vietnamese boat refugee, Lauren Vuong, embarks on a decades long search for the heroic captain and crew of a US cargo ship that rescued her and 57 other immigrants from certain death. This documentary is a universal tale of war, desperation, survival, and the heroes who embody the best of humanity. This story is a human antidote to anti-immigrant and anti-refugee rhetoric.
  • NHK
    PBS12 exclusively brings the NHK channel (12.4/antenna and 262/Comcast) to Colorado, a 24/7 public media channel from Japan, featuring news, documentaries, unique interest and children’s’ programming, from the Eastern perspective.

Highlights for Other Interests:

  • Wednesday, May 12 at 8pm: The Dinosaur Echo
    Discover the renaissance of paleontology in Canada today and what dinosaurs can teach us about climate change. TIP: Consider a visit with your family to actual dinosaur tracks west of Denver at Dinosaur Ridge!
  • Thursday, May 267 at 8:30: The New Environmentalists
    This Emmy Award-winning program celebrates the environmental activists who have placed themselves squarely in harm’s way to battle intimidating adversaries. Narrated by Robert Redford, The New Environmentalists illustrates how ordinary people are effecting extraordinary change.

Thank you, PBS12 viewers and members, for trusting us as your source for diverse, public media programming produced with purpose and with integrity. We have always relied on our community to make us strong, and together we can fight ignorance and hatred.


Kim Johnson
President & General Manager