Seizing the moment. Welcome here.


Welcome, August…. we greet you this year with some weariness and trepidation, battle-worn from this crushing pandemic, a troubled economy and social justice crisis. Yet, hope still flickers from within us as we remember that throughout history, the worst of times have always given rise to leaders that guide us through. Last week the country laid to rest a giant, John Lewis. One of his quotes that is so appropriate to us now, is “We may not have chosen the time, but the time has chosen us.”

The convergence of a worldwide pandemic, the flood of emotion following the murder of multiple Black citizens and the historic political divide has most of us on edge and fearing that the very worst of days are at our front door. Could be. Unless, of course, we come together to do right, and to make these days go down in American history as among our finest. If I had three “stop” wishes, they would include a stop to bigotry, to stop ignorance, and a stop to the war between republicans and democrats. Seriously, just stop all of it.

As a small public television station, we do not have the answers on how to right all the wrongs. But we do know this, nothing will be made right by making enemies of those who look differently, worship differently, vote differently or identify differently from us. This moment in history has offered us the opportunity to rise above hatred and to rise above the ignorance that has blinded us to the real plight of those who have been marginalized and much worse. Will we take it?

We hope that you have already tuned into our new series, From Moment to Movement and have heard the stories and experiences of our Black neighbors. The PBS Newshour, Frontline, Amanpour & Co., and Democracy Now are likewise focusing on communities that have been ignored and marginalized. Our children’s programming has always been inclusive of all forms of diversity, sometimes receiving backlash from viewers not yet ready to embrace tolerance.

Our children today are the leaders of tomorrow, and they are watching us. The hope inside us knows that among them, will be another John Lewis, another Delores Huerte, another Martin Luther King, Jr. and another Chief Sitting Bull. Let’s give them the very best of us, the very best of humanity, so that they can grow strong in conviction and strong of heart. I hope the best is yet to come.
Stay tuned in and be present. And in spite of, and because of, all the trials that we face in 2020, time has chosen us. Let’s not waste this moment.


Kim Johnson
President & General Manager