The U.S. is at a critical point in history. Millions of Americans are protesting to make their voices heard, specifically, African Americans. The core of this country is steeped in racism, and now in 2020, a movement is rising from the ashes of the moment.

Who will lead the way to sustainable change?

In this series, we’ll talk to people whose voices are typically ignored and muffled. We will also explore the nature of historic trauma and white denial.

Black Americans are not monolithic. Voices will include a full-range of views. Black artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs will have a place to be heard, but we also want to talk to African American police officers, judges, prosecutors, clergy, and other people who make up the Black experience.

With continuous oppression comes exhaustion and illness. We’ll unpack this and a multitude of injustices facing the Black community.

While it’s not the Black community’s responsibility to educate white people, FROM MOMENT TO MOVEMENT is aspirational AND practical, providing resources for those who benefit from white privilege to learn about the Black experience.

Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Tamara Banks, FROM MOMENT TO MOVEMENT is a platform where Black voices can be heard and conversations can evolve into action to change injustices and eradicate systemic racism.