on-air sponsorship example

Take a look at examples of some 30 second spots:

guidelines for on-air sponsor messages

Sponsorship spots are intended to thank and identify sponsors. In general, these spots are to maintain a noncommercial sound, in keeping with the noncommercial nature of public broadcasting. Many existing image or business brand spots can work on Panhandle PBS’s air. Existing spots that do not meet FCC standards may require minor changes.

sponsor messages should:

  • Make an association between sponsor and the program or station.
  • Indicate support for Panhandle PBS.

sponsor messages may:

  • Identify and depict sponsor’s products or services.
  • Show a logo.
  • Use a well-established slogan or corporate positioning statement.
  • Show a telephone number.
  • Show a web site address.

sponsor messages may not:

  • Use comparative or superlative language.
  • Offer price, discount or financing information (including “free”).
  • Use calls to action which direct the viewer to call, visit, try or compare, etc.

get more details

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, rates, and more, please contact
Paula Roth, Director of Corporate Support, online or by calling 303.991.5044 during business hours.