Hero Elementary

Hero Elementary

Super Summertime / Snowy Journey

AJ wants to do all the activities on his super fun list, but it's summertime and everything on his list is a winter activity. Sparks' Crew works together to devise solutions for adapting to the seasonal changes. Curriculum: Humans devise solutions for adapting to seasonal changes. / On a cold winter morning, Fur Blur isn't her usual self: she keeps sleeping. Sparks' Crew takes her to see Benny's grandfather, a veterinarian. But, it's a challenge to get there through the snow. Curriculum: Seasonal...
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  • program length: 29 minutes
  • episode #130

Thursday, November 24 at 6:30 am on 12.2

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  • Thursday, December 22 at 6:30 am on 12.2

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If you're a kid with superpowers, you belong at Hero Elementary! It's where young heroes in training can learn how to master their less-than-perfected powers and practice day-saving action. But when their superpowers aren't enough for the job, they can always rely on an additional arsenal of powers: The Superpowers of Science! These kids may be superhuman, but it's science that makes humans truly super.