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6:30 am TV Mass for the Homebound
TV Mass for the Homebound
7:00 am Misa Por TV Para Los Confinados Al Hogar
Misa Por TV Para Los Confinados Al Hogar
7:30 am Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Thinks of Others/Daniel Thinks of What Margaret Needs
8:00 am Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Eric Carle-Author-Illustrator/Fortune Cookie Factory
8:30 am Arthur
Binky Barnes, Wingman/to Beat Or Not to Beat
9:00 am Peg + Cat
The Dinosaur Problem/The Beethoven Problem
9:30 am Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!
Jumping on the Moon/Sneezy Riders
10:00 am Nature Cat
Ocean Commotion - Part 2
10:30 am Odd Squad
Xs and Os/Dr. O No
11:00 am SciGirls
Code Concert
11:30 am Curious Crew
Sense of Hearing
12:00 pm Make It Artsy
Fresh Shapes
12:30 pm J Schwanke's Life In Bloom
The Gift of the Forest
1:00 pm Beads Baubles and Jewels
1:30 pm Knit and Crochet Now
Perfect Ponchos
2:00 pm Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking
Vercelli, Italy
2:30 pm George Hirsch Lifestyle
Go Green
3:00 pm Nick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen
The Ocean
3:30 pm Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Television
From Morocco to Egypt
4:00 pm Plan Stronger TV
Medicare and Financial Planning
4:30 pm Street Level: Community
Mo Spkx
5:00 pm Colorado Inside Out
Colorado Inside Out
5:30 pm Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara
Devil's Advocate with Jon Caldara
6:00 pm Antiques Roadshow
Spokane, Hour Three
7:00 pm Nova
Killer Floods
8:00 pm Registry
9:00 pm Climate Change - The Facts
10:00 pm POV
11:00 pm The Future of America's Past
Red Chicago
11:30 pm The Future of America's Past
School Interrupted
12:00 am Nova
Killer Floods
1:00 am Registry
2:00 am Climate Change - The Facts
3:00 am Open Mind
The Alchemy of Us
3:30 am Consuelo Mack WealthTrack
Consuelo Mack WealthTrack
4:00 am Asia Insight
Asia Insight
4:30 am Overheard with Evan Smith
Robyn Hitchcock, Singer-Songwriter
5:00 am Motorweek
5:30 am Autoline THIS WEEK
Hello Detroit? The U.S. Army Wants You