Frammenti Della Vita: Jefferson Rubin

I gave my heart to nature and my soul to art ~ Jefferson Rubin

At the age of 11 on a family vacation to Italy, Jefferson Rubin was inspired by the sight of Michelangelo’s David. A Colorado native, Jefferson studied art in Boulder, NYC, Vermont, and Rome. As a young man he made his way back to Italy where he found his artistic muse and began to acquire the skills that would make him a world class sculptor. Jefferson called the male and female torsos he created “Frammenti.” His work was at once classical and contemporary.

Upon his return to the United States, Jefferson founded La Scuola Classical Sculpture in Denver’s LoDo. Jefferson’s sculptures were exhibited at the Denver Art Museum and in galleries across the country. In 1995, Jefferson died in a tragic mountain accident the age of 36.

Filmed in Italy and Colorado, FRAMMENTI DELLA VITA: JEFFERSON RUBIN reveals Jefferson’s idealism, spirit and journey to artistic perfection.

Joshua Hassel, producer; David Schler, director; and Gordon Eaton, editor. Image courtesy of David Schler.