Timon Covert


Content Management Operator

about Ty

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, where I learned to count cards, scurry from shadow to shadow, how to drink a Slurpee without getting brain freeze, to run faster than lizards, and that I was an excellent golfer. After about a thousand people asked me “What is your darn handicap son?” I knew I was destined to be a golfer. I spent my spare time teaching golf to inner city kids. I ran my first marathon at the age of 14. Co-founded a comedy troop and promptly moved to Denver.

what Ty does at PBS12

My duties here at PBS12 are wide ranging. I replace the water bottles in the break room what seems like every other day. I am also counted on to move tables and chairs like a troubled kid in a Juvie work camp. Take ’em down, move ’em, set ’em up, and then move them back again. I also clean the sink and microwave and replace the light bulbs that are high up. Thanks to several surgeries I am no longer cockeyed and don’t walk with that pesky club foot.

things that Ty likes

  • To grow my own tomatoes
  • Hiking
  • Reading
  • Tacos, ice cream sandwiches and the genius of a Montecristo Sandwich (separately of course)

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