Colorado Public Television to Premiere “Frammenti Della Vita: Jefferson Rubin” 
as part of Original Documentary Line Up

Denver (December 15, 2015) – On Wednesday, December 16 at 7 p.m., Colorado Public Television (CPT12, PBS) will premiere Frammenti Della Vita: Jefferson Rubin, a CPT12 original documentary by producer Joshua Hassel, that explores the life and work of the prolific Colorado sculptor who found inspiration at 11 years old and who died tragically at 36. The program will be followed by another of Hassel’s documentaries, REX RAY: How to Make a Rex Ray, at 8 p.m.

Rubin was inspired at the age of 11 by the sight of Michelangelo’s David on a family visit to Italy. Returning to Italy as a young man, Rubin explored Europe by bicycle and found his calling, becoming an apprentice and worker in Tuscany, where he learned mold-making and sculpting and acquiring the skills to shape himself into a world class sculptor.

Filmed in Italy and Colorado, Frammenti Della Vita: Jefferson Rubin reveals the passionate story of the artist in his own words and through the remembrances of family and friends. Combining his knowledge of archaeology with his love and fascination for Greco-Roman and Renaissance art, Jefferson followed his artistic vision to create figurative sculpture out of clay, marble, and bronze. The male and female torsos, that Jefferson called “frammenti” were at once classical and contemporary.

Timothy Standring, the Gates Foundation Curator at the Denver Art Museum commented on the “frammenti” saying, “Indeed, his frammenti – especially those with incredible patinated surfaces – pull you into their presence, making you feel as if you were holding on to a piece of ancient sculpture, leading you to forget the present.”

“Producing Frammenti Della Vita: Jefferson Rubin has truly been a labor of love. I originally approached the family shortly after Jefferson’s death 20 years ago. We finally got started in 2009. Working with Director David Schler we have payed homage to Jefferson in hopes of inspiring young artists to follow their dreams.”

Rubin’s artwork was widely collected and exhibited in museums and galleries. After studying and working in Italy and New York, Jefferson returned to his native Colorado, where he founded La Scuola, Classical Sculpture in Denver. His untimely death at the age of 36 robbed the world of a passionate soul and a true artistic maestro.

Colorado Public Television is committed to celebrating the art and artists that have called Colorado home. The film is the 6th in a series of CPT12 features that focus on artists with ties to Colorado. Other titles include: Tolerance: Mary Mackey and The East Side Gallery, Sandzen: Ecstasy of Color, Allen True’s West, NeaL Cassady: The Denver Years, and REX RAY: How to Make a Rex Ray.

Frammenti Della Vita: Jefferson Rubin
Producer: Joshua V. Hassel
Director: David Schler
Editor: Gordon Eaton