Raptors: Kings of the Sky

These majestic birds of prey face an uncertain future as their world increasingly intersects with daily human life. This half-hour documentary explores raptors both in their natural habitat and in the ever-growing urban environment. Found on six of the Earth’s seven continents, these predators range in size from tiny falconets that are just a few inches tall, to the Andean condor with a wingspan of over 10 feet. Built for supremacy, all raptors share a common hunting anatomy – razor-sharp talons, keen vision and a curved beak with knife-like edges designed to tear apart their prey. As cities the world over grow and encroach on raptor habitat, most raptor species have been affected by humans and city life. Electrocution and fatal collisions with cars and windows have taken a great toll. However, some raptors – like the Harris’s, Cooper’s and Red-Tailed Hawk – seem to have adjusted reasonably well to city life and the benefits of high perches, additional water sources, not to mention abundant prey.