keepers of the earth

In this video, Red Feather Woman sings about how we are all connected to Mother Earth. Seen through the eyes of a Hawk, Red Feather Woman walks between nature and civilization, blending worlds of ritual, remembrance and hope for the future.

Her song, “The Keepers of the Earth,” relates the ancient story of the medicine colors. Red, black, yellow and white represent the nations of the world. White man keeper of the fire, black man keeper of the water, yellow man keeper of the air, and Red man keeper of the Earth.

Each nation has a gift. Our elders and wisdom of the medicine people have taught us we are all connected and in this story, all people have gifts in helping the world heal and helping one another. We must heed the call to honor our ancestors to help our future generations.

Many people made this video possible. Special thanks to Red Feather Woman; Kin Quitugua at Hawk Quest; John Gritts; Team Bearsheart: Brad, Ella, Nathaniel and Gabriele; Clint Rides His Horse; Dennison Elementary and Students; and Jackie Sanderson, Natural Resource Specialist at Prairie Canyon Ranch, Douglas County Division of Open Space and Natural Resources.

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