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This film was originally broadcast live on CPT12.1 on September 1st, 2018.

During breaks in the broadcast, CPT12 Director of Development Shari Bernson will discuss the film with special guests live in the studio, including representatives from the Rocky Mountain Public Banking Initiative.

film description

FOUR HORSEMEN is an award-winning independent documentary that lifts the lid on how the global economy really works. The film looks at four apocalyptic horsemen – crooked finance, terrorism, poverty and ecological collapse – and shows how they are gathering momentum in today’s world, decimating communities and compromising future generations.

The film doesn’t bash bankers, criticize politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It does ignite the debate about how to usher in a new economic paradigm that would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions of people.

Among those interviewed are Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist at the World Bank; Noam Chomsky, linguistics professor; John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (see below); ecological economist and steady-state theorist Herman Daly, formerly at the World Bank; and Max Keiser, TV host and former trader.

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