august, 2019

20aug7:00 pm9:30 pmIntro to Sexual Ecstasy: Tantra Workshop for Singles & Couples


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It’s 2019. Not the stone age. It’s time for deeply satisfying, soul-connecting sex. Come gain the knowledge and tools you need to take your sex life (including solo sex!) to the next level.

Intro to Sexual Ecstasy.
A Tantric Workshop for Singles and Couples.

What are our bodies truly capable of? What are our beings truly capable of? What is the secret to breathtaking pleasure and intimacy?

The human body is vast and deep, capable of unprecedented, exquisite, even transformative pleasure. Yet so few of us get to scratch more than the surface of this unlimited potential.

Until now.

In this clothes-on workshop with two experienced and knowledgeable experts, you will discover all the secrets you were never taught in school.

Topics may include:

* The G-Spot. Science keeps changing it’s mind: it’s real, it’s not real, it’s real, it’s not real. You’ll learn the truth about the G-spot, and many other spots, including the powerful Sacred Spot, and the difference between each one.

* Female Erotic Anatomy: The latest revelations, such as the much talked-about clitoris, and how it’s not what we once thought it was.

* The Magical Power of Arousal: How it affects energy and desire, and how it actually changes–yes, changes!–your physical anatomy, which is what causes so much confusion.

* Ejaculatory Control for Men: Practices to delay ejaculation, prolong pleasure, and enhance potency so you can be more vital.

* Women, do you get close to orgasm but can’t quite seem to get there? You’ll learn the main reason why this happens and what to do to get over the edge.

* You’ll also learn some secrets on how to lengthen and intensify your orgasm.

* Energetic Aspects of Lovemaking – What are the laws of energy and attraction? How can I learn to feel what is going on in my partner’s body, and experience a feeling of oneness?

* Lovemaking for Health – How you can cultivate your sexual energy to heal or stay healthy and vital.

* What is Full Body Orgasm? And how you can reach this ecstatic state.

* For Men (and Women): The key to becoming multi-orgasmic!

* The Science of Pleasure: What are neural pathways and why do I need to know about them?

* Secrets of Sensual Touch – Did you know you…

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