july, 2021

26jul01augCommunications Solutions: A Story of Extravagant Love


Event Details

Theater 29 presents Communications Solutions: A Story of Extravagant Love–seven salacious days of upper-management intrigue, authoritarian coercion, and corporate S&M.

After registering on Eventbrite, audience members can choose to experience the virtual portions of the story via email, a secret Facebook group, following a private Instagram account, or all three. Participants will receive an official letter from the Communications Solutions CEO. Then the real story will unfold as an anonymous entity releases a cavalcade of damning documents, clandestine voicemails, and alarming images, culminating with a top-secret image appearing  in a subversive storefront window-reveal at Theater 29.

The immersive theatrical experience runs July 26 through August 1. Tickets are $20 per household @ www.theater29denver.com


July 26 (Monday) 7:00 pm - August 1 (Sunday) 9:00 pm