say goodbye to DOWNTON ABBEY on PBS

Our beloved DOWNTON ABBEY is leaving PBS. This will be one of your last chances to watch the acclaimed series on PBS12 before our broadcast and streaming rights expire at the end of June.

Tune into channel 12.2 (Comcast 251) from 7-10pm each weeknight beginning Monday, June 1 to watch DOWNTON ABBEY from the beginning.

Prefer to watch online? All six seasons of the show are also available to stream on PBS12 Passport, our members-only streaming service, through June 30.

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say hello to all the great drama yet to come!

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Also, when you support PBS12 you can choose to receive all six seasons of DOWNTON ABBEY on DVD as your thank you gift, Here are the details:

  • As a Sustaining member at $12/ month or $144 for the year, you’ll receive the DOWNTON ABBEY Seasons 1-6 DVD set
  • For $20 a month or $240 for the year, you’ll receive the DVD set plus the Lady Violet Mug, and The DOWNTON ABBEY Motion Picture DVD.

You’ll also have access to PBS12 Passport where you can enjoy extended access to 1600+ episodes of great PBS dramas, documentaries, news, history, science, and more!