Bring the Coffee Shop Home

By Elle Naef on February 11, 2021

I don’t know what it is, but Denver has a way of keeping me dreaming. When I first came to the city, my dream was of an art collective… creative mutual aid, if you will. A group that swapped services, art and music in the name of community.

Thanks to the amazing creators, small business owners, and the privilege of having some time to fantasize, we were able to accomplish it! We chose the name “Denver Creative Movement” and threw over 50 shows that featured a variety of music supplemented by everything from live painting to hula hoopers.

12 years later, my dreams have grown and changed. Giant shows have turned into intimate recording sessions, my curation style has gone from jam bands and alternative groups to just about everything but, and I’ve moved my passion for event production into broadcast and media.


image by Katie Langley

One of them, however, has stuck around. It appears to me just like it had when I was a 19 year old hanging art at the D-Note in Arvada: a coffee shop and community center by day, bumping venue by night – a hub for dreamers and doers.

While I have had the opportunity to grow a network of people that inspire me in nearly every field of work, I haven’t yet figured out how to win the Powerball. Until then, I keep fantasizing.

Here’s the soundtrack to my Denver dream.