Joan Bolduc


Office Manager

about Joan

I was born in Motown and grew up in Michigan. I earned a BFA in Painting from Aquinas College and an MFA in Printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art. I met my husband on a desert island where we both served in the Peace Corps. I hand made ceramic designer pet dishes in my basement for 24 years before starting at CPT12 as a volunteer.

what Joan does at CPT12

I share the Office Manager position with my job-share partner, the awesome Jackie Bell. We make sure the coffee is flowing, the phones are answered, and the paper never runs out in the copier. Together, we try to maintain a fun yet productive vibe in the CPT12 reception area.

random things about Joan

  • I have 2 dogs. Buddy, an English Bulldog and Velma a ½ English Bulldog and ½ Shih tzu mix which makes her a “Bull Shitz.”
  • I used to be a lifeguard and have recently gotten back into swimming.
  • I am active in our neighborhood historical preservation committee.
  • I am older than I look.
  • I think Colorado’s delicious craft beers should be a bigger draw than her marijuana dispensaries.
  • My first introduction to CPT12 was Homemovies and Dr. Who in the 80’s.
  • I ride a Honda Rebel.
  • I love hitting the thrift stores for bargains.
  • My secret pleasure is reading the Best of Craig’s List. Not for the smut, but for the good writing.

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