Cindy Bond


Account Executive

who is Cindy Bond?

Cindy is a Colorado Native and graduate of The University of Colorado, Music and Business. While she loves calling this mountainous state her home, Cindy also loves to travel, especially to Europe, where she imagines herself a character in a Masterpiece Theater period drama. Cindy owns a marketing and advertising agency, specializing in entertainment marketing and national PBS auction sponsorship. She has worked too many years in media sponsorship and development to count, so you’ll only have the full story when Masterpiece Theater finally picks up her biopic.

what is Cindy Bond (at CPT12)?

As an Account Executive, Cindy helps Colorado businesses and organizations develop great sponsorship and underwriting partnerships with Colorado Public Television.

where is Cindy Bond?

Phone: 303-991-5043 Direct Line
Phone: 303-797-1233 Home Office

why is Cindy Bond? (aka some facts you need to know)

  • Cindy plays piano, has taught piano and has played professionally and has dabbled in improvising tunes along with actors creating a musical on the spot!
  • Cindy is the nicest person EVER (this line was written by her daughter, so you know it’s true).
  • Cindy owns three fluffy cats, can speak German, but not French, loves cleaning house (really), is married to a retired history teacher and has a daughter, Kat who is a professional actor currently living and performing in Chicago.
  • Find Cindy on Facebook, because she has one! She won’t be able to communicate back with you though, because she doesn’t understand Facebook!

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