Adrian Eatman


Digital Media Manager

about Adrian

Born and raised by an amazing woman in Colorado Springs, I know what you’re thinking but you haven’t lived until look out your window enjoying eggs in a blanket with a view of Pikes Peak. From JUCO Baseball, CU-Boulder, Art Institute, parts delivery, internships, to Office Manager, it’s been a bit of a journey but thankfully this path lead to PBS12.

what Adrian does at PBS12

Like all PBS12 folks… almost copied Mr. Dominic Dezzutti verbatim here. I started in 2010 as a volunteer Camera Operator and they haven’t been able to get rid of me since. As an Associate Producer on COLORADO INSIDE OUT, I assist with the script and stills. I’ve been a camera operator, floor director, line producer and EIC so if you are in a pinch bring in “The Closer.”


  • I can watch and recite any James Bond movie featuring Sir Sean Connery or Daniel Craig. But my favorite movie if I had to choose one would be TRADING PLACES because it highlights the fact that as much as we may look different or have diverse backgrounds we are truly very much the same.
  • My current ringtones is the theme from NIGHT COURT and THE JEFFERSONS.
  • Santiagos has the best breakfast burritos hands down. Los Carbocitos is my favorite Mexican Restaurant and Chubby’s is crucial at the right time…
  • A baseball team, I repeat a baseball team should never wear purple.
  • My favorite book is How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie because it was my grandfather’s and he helped lay the foundation.
  • “Jose Can You See?”
  • If I am not at work I am probably at my house enjoying a glass of Cognac watching MLB Tonight, BET Jamz, Atlanta or the Golden Girls. Sophia Petrillo is a true gem!
  • “This is life, but it’s Paradise for me” -AZ
  • I apologize in advance to anyone who is unlucky enough to have their office close to mine. I listen to music one way. LOUD at 8:00 am.

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